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2016 Tournament Results

Congratulations to all the winners who placed or took top placing in the 2016 Ladies Annual Fish Off!

Heaviest Fish

29.4lbs Dolphin Natalie Feller on Advanced Roofing

Top Angler

Shelby Garett on the Double Down 69.4lbs


2nd Place Angler

Trista Evans on Wet Hooker 49.8lbs

3rd Place Angler

Dannielle Maddock on Vitamin Sea with 41.8lbs


1st place Pee-Wee

Kira Sapp  on Liquid with 21.6lbs

2nd Place Pee Wee

Briana Winogrodzhi on Hoo We Billin with 9.2lbs


Tom Tucker Family award

Vitamin Sea with 89.2lbs


Top Captain

Cliff Maddock on Vitamin Sea


1st place boat

Vitamin Sea 117.2lbs 

2nd place boat

Double Down 109.8lbs 

3rd place boat

Wet Hooker 70.6 lbs

4th place boat

Advanced Roofing 66.4 lbs

5th Place boat

Liquid 66lbs

6th place boat

Makin Time / Conched Out 35.2lbs

7th place boat

Sea Otter 33.4lbs

8th place boat

Pop A Top 31.6lbs 

9th place boat

Afishinados 29.6lbs

10th place boat

Reel tension 27.8lbs


Champion’s Circle

Advanced Roofing


1st place Blackfin Tuna – 25.6 lbs

Shelby Garett on Double Down

2nd place Blackfin Tuna – 22.4 lbs

Danielle Maddock on Vitamin Sea

3rd place Blackfin Tuna –20 lbs

Cat Waksmacki on Sea Otter


1st place Dolphin– 17.3 lbs

Natalie Feller on Advanced Roofing

2nd place Dolphin – 22lbs

Melissa DeMarco on Liquid

3rd place Dolphin– 17.6lbs

Katy Sapp on Liquid


1st place Kingfish – 25.2lbs

Lisa Dreyer on Team Reel Women

2nd place Kingfish – 24.6lbs

Morgan Maziali on Advance Roofing

3rd place Kingfish – 24lbs

Shelby Garett on Double Down


1st place Wahoo– 12.6 lbs

Stephanie Schmidt on Pop A Top


Heaviest Bonita 17.2lbs

Robin Read on Team Reel Women

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