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2015 Tournament Results

Congratulations to all the winners who placed or took top placing in the 2015 Ladies Annual Fish Off!

Heaviest Fish
Jordan White with a 32.9 Blackfin Tuna

Top Angler
Ashley Lauren Kidwell 93.3 lbs

2nd Place Angler
Katy Sapp on Native Son 84.5lbs

3rd Place Angler
Julianne Petro on Reel Tension 45.7lbs

Top Junior
Jordan White on O Sea D 48.8lbs

2nd Place Junior
Coral Slingsby on Fish N Chick 40.8 lbs

3rd Place Junior
Lizzie Conversi on Reel Jack’d 25.8lbs

1st place Pee-Wee
Kiara Stephens 15.6lbs

2nd Place Pee-Wee
Lorelei Bennett on Fin-Sanity 12.6lbs

Tom Tucker Family award
O-Sea-D with 106.9lbs

Top Captain
Art Sapp on Native Son

1st place boat
Native Sun with 123.3 lbs

2nd place boat
O-Sea-D with 106.9lbs

3rd place boat
Tax Relief with 93.3lbs

4th place boat
Pop A Top with 84.1 lbs

5th Place boat
Blue Moon / Shameless 73.8lbs

6th  place boat
Reel Tension with 62.4lbs

7th place boat
Sarah Marie with 59 lbs

8th place boat
Conchquest / In-2-Bait with 57.1lbs

9th place boat
Reel Stubborn with 54.7lbs

10th place boat
Bustin Loose with 51.3lbs

Champion’s Circle

O-Sea -D

1st place Blackfin Tuna – 32.9lbs
Jordan White on O-Sea-D

2nd place Blackfin Tuna – 32.3lbs
Victoria Di Cesare on Fin-Sanity

3rd place Blackfin Tuna –29.6lbs
Ashley Kidwell on Tax Relief

1st place Dolphin – 17.3 lbs
Tara Eddings on Wet Hooker

2nd place Dolphin – 15.3lbs
Raf Twist on Hooked on Raf

3rd place Dolphin– 14.9lbs
Kristen Norden on Conchquest / In 2 Bait

1st place Kingfish – 25.7lbs
Jessica Drier on Preferred Marine

2nd place Kingfish – 25.6lbs
Belinda Martin on Bustin Loose

3rd place Kingfish – 25.2lbs
Melissa DeMarco on Native Son

1st place Cobia – 27.1lbs
Kayla White on Pop A Top

2nd place Cobia – 23.3lbs
Katy Sapp on Native Sun

1st place Wahoo – 18.2lbs
Heather Lee on Shea D Lady

Heaviest Bonita 19.7lbs
Georgette Phares on Blue Moon / Shameless

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