Our Charities

The Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House is a “home-away from home” for families who must travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles outside their own community to seek medical treatment for a child. Each house offers families a refuge from the hospital – a special place providing warm, friendly, low cost housing alternatives to parents and siblings of seriously ill children. The Ronald McDonald Houses in South Florida is located on the grounds of Jackson Memorial Center in Miami. Houses are designed to encourage interaction among their guests and help them cope during an extremely difficult time.



The Billfish Foundation 

The mission of the Billfish Foundation is to promote conservation of Billfish worldwide through research, education and advocacy. Their goal is to create marine conservation strategies that benefit oceanic resources while also empowering the recreational fishing community. We feel that The Billfish Foundation is one of the most important marine charities in existence and their headquarters is located right here in Fort Lauderdale.



Nova Southeastern University

Since 2010, South Florida recreational fishing tournaments have hosted
the Fisheries Research Laboratory from Nova Southeastern University. Graduate and undergraduate students in the Fisheries Lab conduct research on fish biology and applied fisheries science to address pressing issues in marine fisheries management, especially concerning fishes of the coastal pelagic ecosystem, such as king mackerel, wahoo, blackfin tuna, skipjack tuna, little tunny, and dolphinfish. These fish are commonly targeted by recreational anglers, and included in the “fun fish” category in many big game pelagic fishing tournaments.

At the tournament, the Fisheries Lab has a sampling booth setup adjacent to the weigh station where measurements and biological samples are collected. Once the anglers have weighed-in the fish with the tournament , they drop the fish off at the sampling station for a few minutes while the team of researcher ‘s record data and collect the samples. The biological samples collected include: the stomach, gonads, muscle tissue, and liver tissue. The stomach and muscle tissue is collected to evaluate the trophic ( foodweb) dynamics of the fish via stomach content and stable isotope analyses. The fish are kept on ice during the entire process to ensure the quality of meat for the anglers, and once the data and samples have been collected, the fish are returned. There’s no requirement to have your fish sampled, of course.

The funds raised every year from the Ladies Fish-Off, help cover operation expenses to keep the doors of the Ronald McDonald Houses in South Florida open for current and future families. We could not do it without all of you, our community partners, staff members, volunteers, the medical community and our partners. The Ronald McDonald House is a place where you can find hope, comfort, courage and family.

Ronald McDonald House

TBF would not be able to fund programs like our Mobile App and Catch and Release Database without donations from partners like The Ladies Annual Fish-Off. We can’t thank them enough for their many years of generous support !

The information we get from these tournaments is extremely valuable and has already greatly improved what is currently known about the South Florida coastal pelagic ecosystem. Thank you!

David Kerstetter, Ph.D.