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The Billfish Foundation

Recognized globally, TBF has continued to distinguish itself from other fish conservation organizations through sustained emphasis on synthesizing science and policy into effective yet reasonable fishery management solutions, solutions that benefit the fish but aren’t punitive to recreational anglers. TBF has invested in upgrading our Tag & Release Database to make it easier to report data on both tagged and released billfish and billfish that are released but not tagged. Anglers or captains can go to our website, to create a profile to record tag and release data, submit photos and videos and see the most recent catch and releases from anglers around the world. Anglers can also submit catch and release data with TBF’s newly launched mobile application, available for Apple products in the app store. Users can quickly and easily report tagged and released fish, while also posting a photo and exploring recent data, including recaptures. TBF would not be able to fund these programs without donations from partners like the Ladies Fish-Off. We can’t thank them enough for their many years of generous support!

The Flite Center

The Fort Lauderdale Independence, Training and Education Center (FLITE), created by The Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale, The Community Foundation of Broward and the United Way of Broward County, opened its doors in 2009 offering comprehensive and seamless service delivery for youth and young adults ages 13 to 23 involved in the child welfare system. The FLITE Center is the collaborating piece of a comprehensive system of care for transitioning youth. FLITE is the repository of the TIL Database which makes data across more than a dozen service providers available for this population, a concept that is unique to Broward County.

Along with our partners, expanded, enhanced, and additional services and supports can now be seen across all domains and are pulled into one convenient location for the youth’s access. All of these services are coordinated county wide through the TIL System of Care Steering Committee and the TIL Life Coach Meeting, both of which are chaired by the FLITE Executive Director. Over 50 Life Coaches and over 20 agency managers/directors from roughly 15 different agencies throughout Broward participate in both meetings and look to FLITE to steer the ship on system improvements and on filling the gaps for rising needs. Working in partnership with each other as well as many other service agencies in the community has increased our ability to fully serve and support youth facing any number of barriers, especially homelessness.

Programs provided by FLITE are TIL Housing Coordination, TIL Education Coordination, TIL Employment Coordination and TIL Systems Navigation. FLITE Center’s programs operate year-round, Monday-Friday.
FLITE Center is responsible for Broward County’s housing coordination as it pertains to TIL youth and is the ONLY approved agency that can partner with tax credit property owners to acquire, place and manage aged out foster youth in affordable, safe housing units throughout the county.
This level of resource coordination and the availability of core programming in a one-stop center, produces positive changes in our youth and ultimately leads to successful outcomes.
So far, this year FLITE Center has severed 1,520 youth. Assisting 460 youth secure safe, affordable housing, linking 238 to employment opportunities and helping 96 received GED instruction and/or linkage to post-secondary education.