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33rd Annual Ladies Fish-Off Tournament Results

33rd Annual Ladies Fish-Off

The 33rd Annual Ladies Fish-Off ended on a high Sunday June 3rd following a fun Saturday of fun fishing by 162 female anglers on 47 boats offshore the Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and Lighthouse Point, Florida coastline.

Fish caught in the tournament included Kingfish, Dolphin, Cobia, Blackfin Tuna and Bonita by anglers ranging in age and experience from teenagers to seasoned senior anglers. No wahoo were caught this year. President of the Ladies Fish-Off Lindsey Tenberg said, “This year proved once again that the sport of fishing is strong and popular among South Florida’s lady anglers. We’re excited to have hosted nearly 50 boats and more than 160 anglers this year and thrilled with the support we continue to receive from all our sponsors, donors and volunteers.” Tenberg noted, “Our anglers and supporters know that the Ladies Fish Off  benefits great charities like Ronald McDonald House and The Billfish Foundation and we plan to grow our organization so we can continue the great support for these causes.”

Tournament Results are as followed:

3rd place Kingfish – Advanced Roofing – 27.3 lbs  Lauren Chesier
2nd place Kingfish – O-Sea-D  – 32.7 lbs  – Vicki Burrier
1st place Kingfish – Bowdacious – 39.2 lbs Sara Bliss

2nd Place Dolphin – The Skinny Fishing Team – 11.8lbs Kristina Gunnlaugason
1st place Dolphin- Runnin Game – 15.7 lbs – Jordan Carlos

2nd place Cobia – Native Son   14.2lbs  – Joana Nagy
1st Place cobia- Native Son  16.2lbs  – Katy Sapp

Blackfin Tuna
3rd place Blackfin Tuna Nearly Impossible – 27.2lbs   Jessica Hawkins
2nd place Blackfin – 27  Conch – 28.2 lbs  Missy Edwards
1st place Blackfin TunaO-Sea-D   31.9 lbs   Diane Crites

Top Bonita
 – Diamond Bergeron – 21.4lbs

Top Boats

 10th place boat-  Water World / Fishing Headquarters – 39 pts

9th place boat Bowdacious – 39.2

8th place boat Bustin Loose – 41.9

7th place boat Hooker Electric  – 42.8

6th place boat Native Son – 48.8

5th Place boat Summerwind – 51.6

4th place boat Nearly Impossible  – 72

3rd place boat Advanced Roofing  – 89

2nd place boat 27 – Conch   103.8

1st place boat  O-Sea-D    131.1


Top Captain
Matt White – O-Sea-D

Hard Luck
Ellie Dana – Sir Reel

Tucker Family Award
O-Sea-D 131.1 lbs

Champion’s Circle-
O-Sea-D – $500

Pee Wee
3rd Place Pee Wee-  Elle Bonner- Dog Gone
2nd Place Pee Wee – Kira Sapp – Native Son
1st place PeeWee- Savanna Nagy  – Native Son

3rd Place Junior– Mikaela Whitmer  Sea Otter
2nd Place Junior – Marina Maddock 27.8 lbs  Vitamin Sea
1st Place Junior– Payton Palmer 41.9 lbs  Bustin’ Loose

Top Angler lbs
3rd Place Angler- Jessica Hawkins  Nearly Impossible 41.9 lbs
2nd Place Angler Trista Evans – Hooker Electric  42.8 lbs
Top Angler- Nikki White O-Sea-D 48 lbs

Heaviest Fish
Bowdacious 39.2 lbs Kingfish  Sara Bliss

The  2019 Tournament Dates will be announced late this year! See photos from this year’s tournament at


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